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Thermal Wire Stripper - Stripall®

Stripall® Plus Strips Insulation Thermally In One Easy Step

product No Nicks
STRIPALL® PLUS is designed to remove insulation thermally, without nicking the conductor. The insulation is stripped cleanly and quickly, readying the wire for crimping or soldering. STRIPALL® - PLUS is widely used for both MIL-SPEC and commercial applications.

Easy To Use
Just squeeze the handle, press the button, rotate, and pull. Single button control and fast heating blades makes STRIPALL® PLUS an easy way to increase your productivity.

Ruggedly built for production line use, STRIPALL® PLUS has a record of performance that speaks for itself. Units are known to perform for over 10 years with daily use.

Blades heat from ambient to the selected temperature, up to 1700º F (927º C), in less than two seconds and cool instantly.

Natural stripping motion assures heat will be applied only when and where it is needed.

Built-in transformer eliminates the need for bulky bench mounted power supplies.

All models are available in either 110 or 220 VAC.

Models For All Jobs


product The versatile TWC-1 model is designed to remove a variety of insulation types, up to 1.5 inches, from single-strand, multi-strand or shielded wire. A temperature controller allows adjustment of the blade temperature to accommodate high and low melt insulations on 10 to 36 gauge wire. The TWC-1 works well on TEFLON, KAPTON, Kynar, Nylon, Vinyl and Neoprene. The optional bench stand (pictured) is also available. For applications where high melt insulation such as TEFLON are stripped exclusively, we offer the TW-1 model without a temperature controller.


The TWC-2 model has the same features as the TWC-1 with the added convenience of longer electrodes. This feature is useful when working in areas normally inaccessible by other stripping methods, such as computer wells and instrument enclosures. The TWC-2 model can strip up to 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) of insulation. We also offer an optional TW-2 model without a temperature controller.


The TWC-6 model is a coaxial cable stripper. The nose block assembly quickly adjusts to strip insulation up to 5/8 inch (1.6 cm) diameter. The outside insulation is removed in two easy steps. First, the cable is placed in the nose block assembly and rotated, cutting around the cable. Second, the cable is repositioned 90 degrees in the nose block assembly and slit lengthwise. The outside insulation is easily peeled away, exposing the shielding. This unique slitting feature permits long lengths of insulation to be removed in one operation. The TWC-6 comes complete with the temperature controller. The TW-6 model is also available without a temperature controller.

Easy Operation

Strip And Gauge Stops
For consistent wire stripping, STRIPALL® PLUS models TWC-1 and TWC-2 feature both a strip stop and a gauge stop. Both stops slide snugly on the electrodes. Position the strip stop according to the length of insulation you wish removed. By setting the gauge stop properly, the blades will never touch the conductor, insuring nick-free wire stripping.

Blade Selection
Our recently improved blades insure the best performance possible from your STRIPALL® PLUS. We manufacture two types of blades, notched and blank. The notched blades perform best on wires 25 gauge and larger diameters. The blank blades are designed for stripping extremely fine wires, 26 gauge and smaller.

How To Use
After adjusting strip and gauge stops, insert a wire between the blades and press the heat button. When the blades sever the insulation, rotate 1/4 turn as you continue to apply heat. Once the insulation is severed around the wire, release the heat and pull off the insulation sleeve. In order to prolong blade life and insure the blades do not contact the conductor, the completely severed insulation sleeve may be pulled from the wire with your fingers. The temperature controller should be adjusted to the lowest temperature possible which produces a clean strip.


If one or both blades do not heat properly, check blade mounting screws for tightness. Any insulation residue build-up can be removed by applying full heat to the blades or cleaning with a soft wire brush. In extreme cases, remove the blades and burnish the ends of the electrodes prior to reinstallation. When replacing blades, make sure the electrodes are clean. Blades must be correctly adjusted surface-to-surface and notch-to-notch as in illustration.

Repair Service
Make your old STRIPALL® PLUS like new! Teledyne Impulse will replace all worn or broken parts for a set fee on all rebuildable units.

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