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STRIPALL® by Teledyne

Stripall® - Handheld Thermal Wire Stripper

No Nicks
TW-2, TW-6, TW-1 STRIPALL® is designed to remove insulation thermally, without nicking the conductor. The insulation is stripped cleanly and quickly, readying the wire for crimping or soldering. STRIPALL® is widely used for OEM, MIL-SPEC, and IPC-A-610 applications.

Quickly and cleanly removes insulation from 10-36 AWG solid and stranded wire, and diameters up to 5/8 inch on coaxial cable. Refer to the selection guide for more detail.

Fast and Safe
The blades heat up to 1700° F in 2 seconds, then cool instantly for safe operation and to minimize unintentional bench or work area damage. Natural stripping motion assures heat will be applied only when and where it is needed.

Easy To Use
Just squeeze the handle, press the button, rotate, and pull. Single button control and fast heating blades makes STRIPALL® an easy way to increase your productivity.

Ruggedly built for production line use, STRIPALL® has a record of performance that speaks for itself. Units are known to perform for over 10 years with daily use.

Built-in transformer eliminates the need for bulky bench
   mounted power supplies.
An optional temperature control unit (TC-1) permits the user
   to limit the temperature. For material that emit fumes or
   are temperature sensitive.
Available in either 110 or 220 VAC.
All models are available in standard or ESD construction

Stripall® Strips Insulation Thermally In One Easy Step


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